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Lana D′ Oro was established in 1992 by the experienced retailer and industrial engineer, Walter Kaufmann Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing., and his wife Sylvia.

Lana D′ Oro - Golden wool

The married couple realized their idea of creating an exclusive collection, made from high quality cashmere, for the modern and quality-aware man and woman with understated sophistication.

The head office is based in Austria. The sole distribution for Europe is organized by AGENZIA DI MODA. The small sales team works directly with 160 sales points all over Europe. The main countries are Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The direct route between the specialist retailer and sales enables a quick reaction to customer requirements and demand.

Lana D′ Oro Cashmere can deliver individual color scheme requests and manufacture the classic models in "larger sizes" (up to size 56) within 3 weeks. The quick pace, high degree of flexibility and the exceptional service guarantee an invaluable advantage compared to competition. This service-oriented sales approach secures the direct route to end users, and enables the specialist retailer to cater for individual needs of the demanding customer.

The high quality Lana D′ Oro Cashmere collection combines fashion with classic and is a top choice because of its delicate materials, unusually wide range of colors and an exclusive, Italian design with a love for detail. 100% cashmere, cashmere/cotton and cashmere/silk mixtures and Vikunja are used. The pieces vary from very fine and delicate full-fashion knitwear, to particulary elaborate, hand-knitted cable knit and hole patterns.

Lana D′ Oro Cashmere produces the complete collection exclusively in Italy. The production center in Umbria/central Italy guarantees short delivery times and a high level of quality. The traditional Italian weaving mills and knitting mills have passed on their know-how and experience from generation to generation. Nowadays, they process cashmere to the highest standard and product exclusive Lana D′ Oro Cashmere collections.