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Vikunja wool is the most rare and expensive wool in the world.

Only approximately 200 grams per animal are clipped per year. Vikunja wool has 12 to 13 microns - in comparison to this cashmere has 15 to 19 microns and a standard yarn has about 30 microns fibre diameter. The price for a kilogram of Vikunja wool is around 3000 euro/kg, cashmere costs around 200 euro/kg in comparison.

The Vikunja camel

The Vikunja belongs to the camel family and is one of the smallest species of camel with a shoulder height of about 110cm. It lives in the Andes of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile at an altitude of 3500m to 5500m.

When purchasing their materials, Lana D′ Oro pay particular attention to the fact that the Vikunja wool is from strictly controlled sources and legally clipped animals. The Red List of Threatened Species, the IUCN, no longer lists the Vikunja as an endangered species thanks to protection and breeding efforts of the last decade.

The authentic, natural coloring of Vikunja wool has inspired the complete color palette of the Lana D′ Oro collection.